New School BJJ Opens New Branch in Cheam !!

New School BJJ Opens New Branch in Cheam !!
New School BJJ Opens New Branch in Cheam !!

New School, New Branch, North Cheam Kids!!

On Saturday, the 12th December 2020, New School BJJ were proud to hold the first Kids class at the new branch in North Cheam. The plan was to start the sessions in the new year but, as you can imagine, a few of the kids were itching to get on the mats early. So, coach Lukasz, decided to open up for a few classes before the festive break!

Lukasz is not only a BJJ brown belt but is also a very experienced and successful competitor, having won tournaments in both Gi and No-Gi divisions. In addition, Lukasz also works as a referee at some of the UK’s most prestigious BJJ and grappling competitions.  Due to his experience and knowledge, it’s no surprise that Lukasz is a very valued member of the New School BJJ team of instructors.

His approach to teaching children is both enjoyable and engaging, and the kids had a great session of drilling sweeps, learning how to escape the mount position, a few rounds of sparring, and a fun game of Bulldog.

Well done kids!!!

If you would like to enquire about the kids classes at North Cheam, please do not hesitate to contact us at New School BJJ for details

By Jason Vassodaven