Perfect for those beginning their jiujitsu journey, up to the most seasoned competitors. Everything comes down to fundamentals.
Our Fundamentals classes create a strong foundation for those new to Brazilian Jiujitsu, as well as perfecting technique for more advanced players. Students will learn basic techniques, positional awareness, and core concepts in every position.


Designed to take your game to the next level. Advanced classes build on the Fundamental Jiujitsu classes, and offer a more in-depth look into the details, variations, and execution of techniques and positions.
The skills learned in these classes are tried and tested moves in sparring sessions and at the highest level of competition.

Kids’ Classes 

The foundation on which our school is built. For the youngest martial artists and future champions, we have created a programme for kids to learn jiujitsu in a fun, and safe environment as a part of their development.
Children learn self-discipline, respect for instructors and peers, humility, all while learning new skills and making friends through games and skills training.
Our curriculum and methods are directly derived from the original Youth Brazilian Jiujitsu programme of Escola de Jiujitsu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

No Gi 

The same New School BJJ taught, without the traditional uniform or ‘kimono’, both for IBJJF and submission-only rulesets. Yes, we do teach and practice leglocks.
We offer No Gi-specific training three times a week, with additional Wrestling Classes on Saturdays.


A great supplement for a more complete jiujitsu game. Dictate the pace of the fight through dominant positioning, takedowns, and pins.
Free for New School BJJ Students and open to visitors.

Open Mat 

No politics, just good jiujitsu. Open to everyone regardless of gym, team, and affiliation. Feel free to drill, spar, troubleshoot, ask questions, or just hang around. Our door is open. Always free to all students and visitors.