Kids Are Back in BJJ!!

Kids Are Back in BJJ!! North Cheam On Saturday 17th April 2021, New School BJJ was finally able to start the first kids BJJ session of the year, at our Cheam dojo!!! Since the beginning of the year, we had been unable to run any Jiu-Jitsu classes because of the National lockdown. So, you can imagine how eager the kids were to get back into training!!! It was amazing to see the kids enjoy getting stuck into what they love doing. It was also great to see a few new faces! The kids started off with a warm up, followed by some self-defence techniques – including avoiding a punch and shooting in for a single leg or double leg takedown […]

New School BJJ Opens New Branch in Cheam !!

New School, New Branch, North Cheam Kids!! On Saturday, the 12th December 2020, New School BJJ were proud to hold the first Kids class at the new branch in North Cheam. The plan was to start the sessions in the new year but, as you can imagine, a few of the kids were itching to get on the mats early. So, coach Lukasz, decided to open up for a few classes before the festive break! Lukasz is not only a BJJ brown belt but is also a very experienced and successful competitor, having won tournaments in both Gi and No-Gi divisions. In addition, Lukasz also works as a referee at some of the UK’s most prestigious BJJ and grappling competitions.  […]

Kids are back at Battersea !!

Kids are Back!! The COVID-19 pandemic has had a great impact on all facets of our lives, including our training in Jiu-Jitsu. New School BJJ hasn’t been able to run any classes since the first lockdown began, at the end of March. Our BJJ kids have been patiently waiting for us to restart, keeping themselves fit, in the meantime, by attending our twice weekly online sessions. That patience and commitment to New School BJJ paid off with the first kids classes, finally restarting on Saturday 5th December 2020!!! It was great to see the kids get back on the mats, with that same dedicated enthusiasm they had shown the last time we saw them!!! All of them had great fun […]

Leão Teixeira Seminar 2020

Leão Teixeira Seminar 2020 On Friday the 28th February, New School BJJ held a seminar under, 7th Degree Red and Black Belt, Leão Teixeira. It wasn’t surprising that we had a huge turnout, as it’s not everyday that you get a chance to train with someone who received their black belt over thirty years ago. To begin the session, Leão Teixeira, known by his nickname Zé, thanked everyone for attending and then gave an explanation on his philosophy of how he trains in Jiu-Jitsu and what he focuses on. He explained that the fundamental aspect everyone should train is their ability to have a good defence. His reasoning behind this is that when your defence is good, it makes it […]

Battersea Sports Centre
Hope Street
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Free parking
5 min walk from Clapham junction station
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Willesden Sports Centre
Donnington Road
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Free parking
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