New School BJJ Sutton

New School BJJ Sutton The New School BJJ classes in Sutton have been hit by very promising future talents!!! The kids Saturday classes are really flourishing, with a regular attendance of young warriors, eager to learn the intricacies of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Not only are the children training really hard, they are also having a great time doing it!!! What’s more important is that every session ends with a bunch of happy kids with beaming smiles who are developing themselves into skillful and confident martial artists. The adult classes are also getting very popular and it’s fantastic to see people of different ages, from all walks of life, sharing the dojo and attempting to apply chokes, arm locks and throws on […]

New School MMA – Class Act

New School MMA – Class Act MMA classes have taken off with a flying start at New School BJJ. Members have been lucky enough to train in two sessions a week with two fantastic instructors. Our Friday sessions are taught by Tom Watson, who has a huge amount of professional experience, winning BAMMA and UCMMA titles and competing in the ‘premier league’ of MMA competitions, the UFC!!! Our Sunday sessions are taught by Paul Ferrugia who also has a wealth of experience in competing in MMA competitions at professional level. In addition, Paul has experience at competing in boxing, training in wrestling and is a NS/BJJ black belt!!! So, if you want to do some MMA with the Pro’s get […]

The BJJ Blue Belt

What’s in a blue belt? Enduring the wait for a blue belt promotion is one of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s greatest challenges, but could it be over sooner than you think? It’s the same old predicament of training BJJ: you never know when you’re going to get graded. Unlike most, if not all, other martial arts which have a structured grading syllabus and timeline, the wait for a new belt in BJJ is painfully long, literally, and none more so than the blue belt. In judo a white belt represents someone fresh off the street; no experience, no skills, clueless. As soon as he or she can prove they won’t headbutt the floor during a forward break fall and can put […]

The BJJ rites of passage

If you’re reading this and you’re new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, congratulations, you’ve already taken your first step toward becoming a fully fledged gi-wearing grappler. The fact that you’ve stumbled across this blog, or more likely that it’s stumbled across your feed, means that you probably have an interest in BJJ, or you may have even tried it. In which case, you’re one of us. Now that we’ve established you’re part of a relatively rare bread of human being who likes the idea of dragging someone to the ground in order to inflict permanently pacifying choke holds and joint locks on them, then there are some things you may want to know before embarking on the long, painful, punishing – […]

Battersea Sports Centre
Hope Street
SW11 2DA

Free parking
5 min walk from Clapham junction station
(grant road exit)

Willesden Sports Centre
Donnington Road
NW10 3QX

Free parking
Number 6 bus from Kensal Rise or 15 min walking
Willesden junction station 15 min walking