Two New Brown Belts

Two New Brown Belts
Two New Brown Belts

Two New Brown Belts at New School BJJ!!!

The front row of our grade order line up has gotten a little bigger!

Two of our students, Ryan Graham and Dwayne Ewart, were recently awarded their well deserved brown belts.

Everyone who trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) knows that there’s really no room for chasing grades. There are martial arts styles and systems out there where you can earn a black belt after three to four years of dedicated training.

Unfortunately, BJJ isn’t one of them.

On average, it can take around ten to twelve years to be awarded a BJJ black belt. To earn a brown belt could take seven to eight years and that could entail training four or more times a week!!!  It takes a lot of dedication, time and perseverance to earn a stripe, let alone being promoted to a new belt level in BJJ.

So, to be awarded their brown belts is a testament of not only how incredibly hard both of these guys train but also for how long they have been keeping at it!!!

On behalf of everyone from New School BJJ, we would like to say a huge congratulations to Ryan and Dwayne on this achievement!!!